Friday, November 17, 2006

So what do you like about Dubai?

I have decided to place a slightly more positive entry this time round.

Towards the end of my stay abroad Dubai started to make a really big name for itself. From time to time I would meet people who would ask me: “What is so great about Dubai?” Well I never managed to give one single answer nor was I able to give the same response twice. I guess what makes Dubai so special is a million little things.

  • Shawarma- only when you leave do you realise how precious it is.
  • You can hear the Azan and the music from the nightclubs- its your choice which tune you decided to groove to.
  • Hearing people speak English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi and many other languages in a single visit to the souq.
  • Meeting people from ALL over the world in a single city. Most private schools in Dubai have students from 40+ nationalities. No matter what culture you hail from there is a good chance you will find your own kind here as well
  • Your ability to interact and immerse yourself in the abundance of different cultures representing the ethnic make up of Dubai.
  • A short car ride from Bastakiya to Sh.Zayed Rd and you are blasted from what I call Old Arabia to the Modern World.
  • The desert! My GOD if you ever feel down or just need to escape…there is no other place in the world more beautiful and serene then the desert during sunset ( I might have been a Bedouin in a previous life).

So what about you guys? What do YOU think makes Dubai so special?


moryarti said...

I am still on the lookout for a good (real) shawarma place in Dubai..

nativeinformant said...

things I love about Dubai:

-abra rides for 50 fils always make me happy
-Indian chaat as good as India but without the digestive consequences
-the distinctive combination of Arab/Indian culture found nowhere else in the world
-namaaz - I mis it when I am back in the states

blogrosh said...

"Shawarma- only when you leave do you realise how precious it is."

OMG - soooooooooooooooooooo TRUE!

This time, when I head to UAE for Christmas, I am bringin some back with me. Hoping to sneak it in via hook or crook!

I miss them soooooo much - yum yum : )

God, localexpat you truly ARE a UAEian : )

Anonymous said...

All-you-can-eat sushi at the Creekside Sheraton.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...


Good sushi, or just so so? price?


I love the fact that I can actually find a REAL bookstore in Dubai because I cant in Abu-Dhabi.

Anonymous said...

Definately THE SHAWARMA has to be on the top.
Eid in Dubai
Dune Bashing in the desert

DoTs... said...

what makes it special to me is the fact that it is a part of the UAE.. my love..

Mohammed UK said...

Being able shop and pray. Hearing Azaan in the mall helps. (I wish they'd keep it like Ramadhan - nice and peaceful, without the naff piped muzak).

A mall in the UK means you have no clue what time it is, lose track and risk missing prayers. And then have to improvise a prayer room! Marks and Spencer's, clothing department changing rooms! This is changing in the UK now, so we pick the mall with the "multi-faith tranquility" room. Mentioned this topic here.

Similarly, parking next to the masjid and strolling along a peaceful stretch of Jumeira Beach with views of Burj to the left and SJR to the right. Watch the sunset and back to the masjid in time for Maghrib!

Watching the "mood" of the beach change, from sun-seekers at 2pm to families at 4, couples at 6 then quad riders at 8!

Not with you on the Shawarma, though. It doesn't come close to a Deen's Donner Kebab with "special" chilli sauce!

ArabLady said...

Beeeeeeeeeeb...Different answer:
-Political stability
-Nobody inrefers with ur own business
-High standard of living

Anonymous said...

The sushi is quite good. They start out by bringing you a sampler, but you can order whatever you want-even the pricey stuff! I can't recall which night it is, but they have different ones. THere's sushi night, another one which includes tempura, boiling stations, etc. WELL WORTH IT. The cost does not include booze, but still. I'm sure the price has gone up, as everything in Dubai has, but I'm guessing it's around 140 dirhams. The Tahitian at the Metropolitan Palace(?) Hotel in Dubai was the 2nd best dinner package.

Anonymous said...

Great Iranian restaurants, too. Why do I feel the best things in Dubai (IMO) are food related?

ok, here's one: House of Chi in Bur Dubai has lovely one hour massages for just over 100 dirhams (unless that's gone up, too).

Anonymous said...

It's about Dh200 for a massage

BD said...

Off topic... One suggestion ALE, it would be nicer I think if you had your comments' time stamp indicate the date of the comment as well. It's nice to know how old or recent a discussion is, for which the a.m./p.m. label alone doesn't help.

Restless in Dubai said...

- Less Corruption
- Cultural Diversity
- The fact that you can find every cuisine in the world.
- The Parks
- Wild Wadi
- Relatively unspoiled beaches
- SZR at midnight

I could go on forever…

Anonymous said...

Thought of another: private toilet stalls in most establishments. I love that I walk in and it's my little room.

P1 said...

You all must hail from shitty places to like Dubai. This is a hot, dusty, racist, authoratorian, over marketed / over hyped state. I settled here - and am having trouble moving back to NY given the credit crisis - but still miss the life, vibrancy of the states every day. I just came back from a vacation and China and god, I was so sad to be back. Dubai sucks. I have never been unhappier in my life. This place is cursed. I hope something happens to change this.

Anonymous said...

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