Friday, November 03, 2006

And they wonder why people drive like animals here

Ok that is IT!!! i have officially had it now...and i am SOOOOO pissed off. How do you expect the country to learn how to drive properly WHEN the BLOODY POLICE HERE ARE AS BAD!
They cut you off, don't signal when changing lanes, SPEED ( and not only when their emergency lights are on), don't wear a seat belt... the list goes on! I just got cut off by a car, which is normal here, and I didn't get to me at first. But when i realised its a cop!!!!! AAHHHHHH


Seabee said...

And they ignore much of the dangerous driving around them. I saw a police car the other day hurriedly getting out of the way of a 4x4 when it flashed its lights at him. The police were at 80kph on Al Sufouh Road, so obviously the 4x4 was speeding.

blogrosh said...

Ok ok, however not ALL of them are bad, especially the Dubai cops. I mean they have a tough job out in the sun with all the traffic mayhem. Anyone could lose their mind in this heat & sea of horrid drivers.

I have had wonderful (touchwood) experiences with Dubai cops compared to my hometown cops - The "Anjads".

I remember ’98 mid summer I was leaving work heading to a client meeting only to walk upto my car and find a flat tire. Now this is going to sound very silly - but I’ve never changed a flat tire, hence sort of panicked thinking I could miss this important client meeting etc.

Out of nowhere pulls up this young Emirati policeman in his brand new & clean uniform - asks for my car keys, pulls out the spare, changes the flat one, all in the sweltering summer heat – the kind soul was dripping wet! I didn't even have water or napkins to offer him. He was done in about 10 minutes, I was left speechless & thanking him and felt so fortunate to experience this true blue Emirati hospitality.

Of course, subsequently, I’ve been ticketed by the Dubai cops, for valid faults – however this one incident always stays with me : )

I think each of us should do out two cents worth to be better drivers – which in turn will help the cops turn attention to where it’s needed.

Anonymous said...

I was coming to Dubai from Garhoud bridge and keeping up with the traffic and the speed limit of 100km when a car came speeding up from behind and just inches from my car started flashing like a mad man. I tried to find room to change lanes but has no chance; meawhile the driver in the car behind went even more crazy and to keep myself from bumping into the car infront I had to brake a little; now I had the chance to move out of the crazy man's way, when all of a sudden he swerved to my right and missed my car by a few centimeters. When I looked over to my right he was signaling me to pull over in the underpass, while at the same time showing me his UNIFORM. It was a police inspector. After a hard time I pulled over to a small place near the Nissan showroom and he came out of the car and started abusing me and blaming me for trying to kill HIM! I was dead tired and I wanted to point out to him that it was the opposite and that he had tried to kill not just me but could have caused a major accident and probably killed and injured many others. Was this a man chosen to enforce the law? What do we do in such situations? Is there a law that listens to the citizen's side as well?