Friday, November 10, 2006

I knew I would have this situation!

OK I think I might have given the wrong impression to some people who have read this blog. I understand why some of you might have misinterpreted my blog to be offensive, obnoxious, rude e.t.c

Let me start by saying this:-



2) I am not a revolutionary nor do I seek to change the way society functions here. I am not interested or ever will be interested in actively entering politics or placing my self in a situation whereby I or people around me could possibly be harmed.

3) I have nothing against the ruling families other than pure and true admiration for what a miraculous achievement they have accomplished with this land in the space of 50 years.

4)What I have mentioned in this blog are only my thoughts and opinions. That is all. I do not expect anything to eventuate from it. I just like discussing it.

If you do not like what I am saying them please tell me in a respectful and mature manner. Do not throw insults at me, for I haven’t done that to you personally. And if you feel that I am talking ‘rubbish’ you are entitled to express your opinion (in a decent manner) and not read my blog again. BUT DO NOT INSULT ME PERSONALY OR ANYONE ELSE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. Vulgarity and obscenity will NOT BE TOLERTED. Discussions will be!


tobasco said...

I understand were you come from local expat. Being raised and brought up in Abu-Dhabi most my life. I wanted the same things to be recognised by the country you grew up in and consider your home, but I gave up and left at the end. Still I also dont hate or blame UAE but I just see things in a different prespective now.

tobasco said...

Good luck for the future.

al arabi said...

ALE, ignore the rude ones and focus on the positive. Obviously you're very welcome in the UAE and I feel this forum is a good place to take us forward as people in the young nation called the UAE.

Good work! bittawfeeg inshalla.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

He means rude ones like me, and although I have a lashing ready for you I think you have a good head on your shoulders. Might you consider writing for one of my blogs? mainly This one:

I am trying to muster up people who can think and debate with logic rather than emotion.

Plus, Decartes is a personal hero along with IbnSina and Aristotle. so you are the exact kind of person I'm looking for.

you can even just repost your current blogs on there if you wish. I AM looking for an information revolution and since I am a local, any "hate" such as the "how dare you expat blah blah blah" wont work.

Think about it?

blogrosh said...

"I am trying to muster up people who can think and debate with logic rather than emotion."

hmmmm how come there isn't a single comment in response to any of your blogs?

Let me guess - you have'em "screened/edited/censored" much like the expat community thoughts/sentiments in the UAE?

localexpat said...

blessing in tragedy,

I might be interested if you can answer one question:

How come you don't have more than one comment on your blog

Anonymous said...

ha! A Blessing in Tragedy, your blog is for you to express your opinions, period! No matter however far fetched or short sighted they are. There is no room debate at

I know so, because I've posted a few comments and none ever shows up? blogrosh is right, it's a self serving blog with censorship on dissenting views.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

No, NON of my blogs are "screened/edited/censored" in anyway. I have never even bothered to delete cursing and the like from any site I'm in charge of either.

If you knew me personally you'd know that I could, as I've been told "sell ice to an eskimo and bullshit your way out of hell."

There are no comments because hardly anyone knows of it yet. 2 people on a mac site, 2 class mates, and it is listed on the "uae community" blog but I'm not a member of that blog and never "introduced" my blog as you did.

There's your answer localexpat, I hope it satisfies you and that you will consider it. I'm not an "editor" I'm looking for people to write for the blog and post what they want when they want. I'll never delete something posted.

Guy who posted on my blog before: you're full of shit. if you had posted a commnet it would be there.

My opinions huh? and what is a news paper my dear man? facts? we, as a human global society, have strayed so far away from "facts" that it's funny that you would point out that my blog is filled with opinions.

Ah, trust me, non of my opinions are shortsighted. the only reason you would feel that way about any of them is if you didnt agree with them, and so you would discard rather than debate.

Yes, there is nothing but room for debate about that blog. It's what it's main function is (one of my other blogs is dedicated to philosophy) maybe you should read it.

Anonymous said...

"Guy who posted on my blog before: you're full of shit. if you had posted a commnet it would be there."

honey! I've posted 3 comments at your blog, none have showed up. my comments contradicted with your views, but they were not vulgar or took any cheap shots.

perhaps you are telling the truth, in which case you should look into the fact why reader comments does not reflect on your blog.

btw I am not a guy, but a simple girl who has her views.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Well then, I am sorry, but as most people on here are guys, it was a good assumption.

I'm sorry I was mistaken.

I LOVE comments that contradict my opinions! because I have yet to meet someone who's argument I couldnt shoot full of holes and either get them royally pissed off, or, and this is what I hope for, change their minds because my view is sounder than theirs.

Then again, there is the chance that your views could be sounder than mine and you would change my mind.

This, is something that NO ONE has been able to do.

So I am sorry, and I invite you to repost your comments, and if they still dont show up, email me with suggestions on how to fix this. I have been using blogger for... 2 weeks?

I could use your help instead of hearing that you were cheated on my blog on a fellow bloggers post.

How about some help?