Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Come on be realistic! You can't do that!

A further comment on the issue I introduced in my first entry ( refer below), I sincerely think that this system implemented in Dubai and the entire UAE is bound to fail. A minority’s rule over a majority has been historically proven to be a flawed ideology

Look back in history and name me a single civilisation, country, city, town, village or community that was able to sustain its existence for signification period of time without an imminent downfall. If you can, please correct me with a comment to this entry.

You currently have an entire generation of dubai residents who have grown up not knowing any other homeland. That generation is now all grown up. I am not even going to start mentioning the ‘local’ arabs who are officially not part of any country in the world. I call them paperless arabs. Yes my dear reader you read that correctly. And if you asked yourself : “ You mean there are ‘locals’ who do not have any citizenship”, then you are correct. Back to my original statement; now this generation along with its descendents will form a bigger and bigger segment of the society. A segment whose voices are not heard and rights not kept. An entire generation who are considered ‘guest’ in there own homes. Wanted, if they can keep a job and bring money into the country. Thrown out the door like a cheap whore after a lousy shag, as soon as you are not economically useful anymore.

This country has to recognise this. And its only a single, minuscule facet of the complications that will arise if this system of US and THEM, GUEST and LOCALS, LORD and MASTER is not altered. No! Allow me to rephrase that last word. DESTROYED.

The least thing that the UAE should do is have a naturalisation programme. When people talk about the fact that locals need to protect their identity and culture. YA HABIBI you think that the culture they practise now hasn’t been completely distorted from what they used to practise 40 years ago? The problem is most expatriates have no clue whatsoever about the local culture. They are just outside observers and only seeing the tip of the iceberg. There has been such an alteration, evolution, change, transformation of the local culture and identity that I think that argument is completely futile. How do I know this? Well lets just say that I have one foot placed in the expat society and the other one in the local community. Let me give you an example. Picture a stereotypical image of a local….go on think about it…… There was a time when a stereotypical local was renowned for its hospitality( just to name a few great attributes). And now.. I can bet you myright leg that a majority of you had at least one of the following characteristics in mind:-

1) Brash

2) Obnoxious

3) Driving an expensive car in an insane manner

4) Ignorant

5) Lazy ( my god how this was so not true a few decades ago !)

6) Rich

7) Egoistic

8) Self centered

9) Chase anything with two tits and a pussy

And you want to tell me that they have to maintain and protect their culture…. It has already changed my dear reader( thank money for that)

One more thing. What about the enormous benefits of officially including a whole population into your country? Let me name you just one. Do you know how many people have left Dubai to immigrate to Canada, US, UK, Australia e.t.c because they can’t cement their future in this place? How many skilled workers have left and taken their talents along with them. Why not keep them here? Why not use their talents for the betterment of this society and not somewhere else? I bet some of you are thinking well if they leave we will just get other worker to come here. But!! People will come while the money is flowing. Once an economic depression sets in ( and that is bound to happen Dubai has just been evading it for a long time) they will be the first to leave. You need to have people in this country who have more than a materialistic and financial attachment to this land.

My next topic is going to shed some light on the composition and origins of locals. Most people think that all locals originate from Dubai or the UAE. Wait and see :-)


marwan said...

Christ, you're so right. I've had so many discussions with locals about naturalisation, and they return eternally to that chestnut of culture. When I point out the fallacies of locals like you have - they insist it's "not all of us". I have yet to meet these exceptions to the rule.

Time is what will solve Dubai, and nothing else. One day they will be handing passports like Cadburys, as the expats fight to leave.

goldenlegs said...

basicly the emir fucks white women

his 2nd wife is even white without burka shit

Rejected said...

"One more thing. What about the enormous benefits of officially including a whole population into your country? Let me name you just one. Do you know how many people have left Dubai to immigrate to Canada, US, UK, Australia e.t.c because they can’t cement their future in this place? How many skilled workers have left and taken their talents along with them. Why not keep them here? "

Quite a good point you broached there. I was watching the other day few channels talking about Dubai and noticed that the country welcome those DJ players, dancers and that sort of people just to add to the glamour of the city while those are not the people that UAE should focus on to continue its growing.

localexpat said...

Well rejected we need those people too. They DJs and dancers need to make a living and also contribute to society(not all dancers are prostitutes). Dubai has positioned itseld as the entertainment hub of the middle east. SO WELCOME :-)

adevents said...

you r right but I am saying don’t you think that for example if they implement a kind of green card system wouldn’t be enough somehow, they got o take step by step this is a country of 40 yrs old utmost since it started to be a real country

BuJ said...

wow.. interesting blog.. i do not say "nice" blog yet, but interesting.. because i can see this has the potential to turn into an ugly blog.. not because of the author but because of the quality of some of the visitors..

this is the case with most things in dubai.. the best example is the global village or the many many parks we have in dubai.. they are so well-equipped yet at the end of the day, they look like trash because some of their users don't know how to behave. apparently DM had to work overtime during eid to clean out our beaches and parks coz someone couldn't bother using the bin.

you've touched on a LOT of issues on which I will comment on inshalla.. finally some serious debates :)

ahlan wa sahlan

localexpat said...

Thanx for the comment Buj.

I realised when i started this blog that it can get down right dirty. But then again every individual has the right to speak his/her own mind.

Arabized said...

i just stumbled across your blog.

interesting read, so far.

Will you be able to keep this up and going, with continuing discussions and thoughts?

lets hope so, i want to continue reading about what you have to say :)

good luck

pEtals said...

Minority ruling over a majority?! So who do u want to rule? So I understand ur trying to say the present rulers such as the Maktoums(First rulers of Dubai) or the Nahyans(First builders of Dubai) along with the other rulers whom united the cities to BUILD A UAE-should be placed by a MAJORITY? Like WHO and WHICH ethnic group? And then? As the Majority, who do u want to rule? Give us more details, go ahead... Ur making a point and history feedbacks on how the system fails, but give us the solution too... Shoura? Yes and then? Out of ur love to the UAE, and specifically Dubai, how do u think the system should better itself? Go ahead, I am waiting...

pEtals said...

Correction: The Nahyans(Builders of AbuDhabi)

localexpat said...


I don't have the answer. I just have my views. And you read my views already.
If the country wants to maintain its standard of living, 50 years from now a change in this system needs to put in place!

How the system should be changed? well the details of it i really don't know ( which ethnic group etc). Only one thing I am sure of... fast forward 50 years and this country will have immense problems if a minority is still ruling over a majority!

Anonymous said...

Stability of a nation depends in part on the willingness of individuals to contribute to that stability.

If people are not naturalised and are always looking over their shoulder at the possibility of being repatriated (in some cases, to who knows where), how can they be expected to contribute more than "a fair day's work for a fair day's pay" (or less for much less).

Very quickly, the hopes and aspirations to help make a country great (how about United and Arab?)are dropped into despair and helplessness, with just the intent of taking the money and running.

BD said...

I haven't been a 20-year expat like some here, or a local born expat, so I'll admit I lack some perespective. But in defense of Dubai and the UAE for what it is right now--with both its problems and its promises--it is evolving. No, there is no naturalization process now, but the fact that foreigners from any country can by property here represents a significant shift toward a less transient society. The sceptics can say that it's just a way to bring in more money, but I'd say, whether purposeful or not, it is a significant step in the direction of making Dubai a permanent residence for expatriates. When the time is right, I can see true permanent residency status coming about. Small moves, and a few big ones... Dubai, especially, and the rest of the UAE are all about evolution. We, bloggers even, are a tangible part of this process.

i*maginate said...

3rd para: "This country has to recognise this."

Says who..self-named localexpats and the majority of your "dear readers"?