Saturday, May 03, 2008


It is really strange how time changes so many things. I look back at my life upon returning to the UAE and fast forward almost 2 years to the present. A lot has changed.

I arrived eager and full of optimism. At peace that I was finally home. Adamant that I will make it my home. Hopeful that I will be permitted to consider it my home. Keen to start a new career in the most dynamic city in the world. Excited to be in a land where anything seemed possible. Where no idea seemed too audacious and no feat was unachievable. A place where I could make something out of my life.

When I look at how far I have come from stepping off that plane and walking through Dubai airport, and how much of my expectations have come true, I have to admit that I am left utterly and thoroughly disappointed. Two years down the line and I haven't achieved a lot of the goals I had set myself. Mind you, my life isn't a living nightmare nor am I hungry and homeless. But I feel like I am running out of steam; tired of trying to establish a life here. I guess Dubai is not everyone's cup of tea. Even if you lived your entire life in it.


Anonymous said...

Well hello there,

i like the way you express yourself,its seems similiar to mine.I am not local ,born and lived 18 years of my life in dubai and to be honest i truly dont know where i belong as i was brougth up in a country that would never give me roots.I struggle for a long time,and i moved out of dubai 6 years ago,still felt i didnt fit in neither of my parents counteries.Felt like a palestinian refugee seeking a place where i could grow and have an identity.

I still feel like this sometimes,i got to call myself a citizen of the world,and try to fit in anywhere on this earth because i have the rigth to be here.

You have the right to speak out what you feel,as not many people have the guts to tell the truth.

You doing a great job.Try to accept things the way they are even if it doesnt pleases you,as life is at a constant change and we must move forward.

rosh said...

Mr LE: you are quite young. Life is just starting for you. I do believe things shall change for the positive, however, always have alternatives. There are several nations, that shall extend an arm and leg for someone like you.

But remember when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, so you hang tough there :)

Anonymous said...

Hey LE,

I guess itz everyones story here.. Unless u wanna be one of those psuedo local dressed in dishdash.. itz 4 yrs now I been here, forget achiving goals..I owe about 5 months pay to credit card sharks...Life is a game..I wish i had cheatcodes!

Vishal said...


Even though if you spend your whole life in uae you will be considered as an expatriate all through your life.I lived in this country for 23yrs now and still living and still these nationals people cconsider me as an alien.For people like me who have spend there lives in uae contributing all to the country must be justified. I am to say that if i would have lived in Europe,USA or in Uk I would be Citizen of that country till now. I am not asking these people to give me a citizenship or give me all the rights of a national, i am just asking give us some rights that we can call this country as our first home.

dxbiangirl said...

You sound like you gave up, and I'm assuming your too young to give up.
Things don't necessarily turn out as we planned, just keep some faith and Inshallah you will reach your goals.

Maybe you need a change from this two years of no accomplishment road you took.

It's easy to blame the place, but the reality it is it has nothing to do with your place and it is simply the way your living and what your doing!

Jenna said...

WEll LE, I think you're right.
It's a bloody shame that a country like this treat local expats that way. There's not a country in the world that does the same as U.A.E.
I'm an expat that have just moved here 2 months ago and i kinda am starting to regret it.
I have just gotten pregnant and my husband would like me to have the baby here. But when I hear and read these stories. I'm not sure I want to put my kid through the same thing.

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