Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back to looking for work!

Why is it so hard to find a job in a boom town?

Is it because of my education, personality, nationality, skin colour, age or is it just that I don't know the right people???


alexander said...

Experience. Outlook. Charm. Desire. Attitude. Qualification. Manner. Capability.

What are you looking for? Is it the right thing? Do you have any experience/story/track record/demonstrable interest in the area you're applying into?

Do you have a well put together CV, a covering letter with an individual style? Are you talking to the right companies?

We get 2,000 plus applications to each promoted opportunity. 1,950 are hopelessly stupid, inadequate or mis-directed. 40 are ruled out. 10 are shortlisted, 3-4 interviewed.

If that helps!!!???

Rose in Dubai said...

What are you looking for? What are your qualifications and experience? What are your salary expectations?

As Alexander says, there are surprisingly few good applicants for any job, so don't give up. Make sure you ask for feedback after every interview so you can hone your interview skills.

rosh said...

I think across UAE, it's primarily about who knows whom. If you know someone inside - the traffic in, gets better. Personal 2 fils. I don't think it's any of the other -you come across very pleasable almost every way.

That said, things move at snail pace in "boomtown" - it's amazing, most often how slow an entire process can become.

What are you looking to do in your career? You still interested in Marketing?

LocalExpat said...

Well since I am adamant on maintaining my anonymity, I really canot explain much about what I am going into and nor can I accept any help on my blog. But thanks anyway:-)

I guess I was just trying rant and let off steam with this post...

I know I have to just keep trying and be patient ( not one of my best qualities I have to admint) lol ;-)

i*maginate said... will get there ;-) Just said a lil prayer!

Anonymous said...

Yes, ranting is the best way to get anywhere in life.

There is always the oldest profession...