Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maybe i should just leave??????

I’m tired.

I’m tired of being treated like an illegal alien.
Unwanted and unappreciated.
Put through shit just to sort out my visa, just because of the nationality stated on my passport!
Paid less than others just purely due my nationality.
Considered an unwelcome temporary worker.

I am fed up of trying to cement my future in a land which will never recognise my rights.

I am starting to seriously reconsider my decision to come back ‘home’. Maybe all these people who keep saying ‘ if you don’t like it just leave’ do have a point.

I am just so tired of trying to be recognised... Maybe I should pack my bags and leave.......


rosh said...

I feel your words LE, sincerely I do. I am siting in Mexico city and I miss home. It's like you just can't get it out of your system.

Please hang in there. Ignore the naysayers and believe in the positive. Some get it, some just don't. Something ought to change soon. It is not easy, and you are far brave than I for being there and living thru it.

Anonymous said...

Many people share the same feeling.

Anonymous said...

The choice is in your hands alone
If you arent happy in a country where they never going to accept you ,why stay and suffer and lose dignity.

My father made the biggist decision of his life leaving dubai 6 years ago and never look back.He sat me down and said ,if i had a country of my own i would have never settled in dubai.
Today my dad is happy in his new adopted country loves him.

So LE ,I make it easy for you,See what the good and bad side dubai has to offer you,if you see that there is more bad then good.

You know what to do.

rosh said...

Anon May 03, 2008 1:22 PM:

It's not simple - the bad and the good. Often a single good outweighs a whole lot of bad.

Emotions of "home" just CANNOT be valued or weighed. It doesn't work that way.

Anonymous said...

I know what you are going through but why suffer and feel like a nobody in a country where there arent any rigths descrimination to the core.Ok Dubai has the everything ,i lived there once.

I pack my bags and left,it as simply as that.Because i didnt want to spend another 30 years of my life not belonging and not being accepted.
I wanted to make sure if ever i have kids they would have a country to call home,Rigths and feel rooted and proud.

Money isnt everything if you arent happy at work.I feel sorry for the poor labors who work under this sun like slaves and get peanuts to send money back home.

The choice is in our hands,make a decision and leave with dignity.

In the holy quran it is mention all men are equal but Dubai doesnt follow the quran and abide by there jungle law .

Local Expatriate ,We were born in the gulf and had ever rigth to part of it,but dont worry,I believe that whatever goes up shall come down one day,because god doesnt like unfairess.

Hay days dont last forever .

وعــــ الإمارات ـــــد said...

Hi ... I consider my self a UAE national not because i hold the Passport of the UAE but because i was born and riased in this country. to be honest, i thought expats are enjoying their lives here! everybody "nationals" think that expats are having/taking too much of their country!! Dubai as an example would be the most suitable place for an expert to live in, and reading few lines of your bolg with these comments in here makes me wonder, how come it's not fair to you?
I'm really surprised! really
Everybody talks about Dubai and how great it is!!! is just a media thing??


dxbiangirl said...

I do feel ya, but try to do something about it.
People really don't appreciate someone or something if they didn't really know it.
Don't give up now.