Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I wonder...hmmm

I wonder what would happen if a female Emarati married a Bangladeshi ?


rosh said...

Ah screw it, she'd lose that citizenship and then regain it back. However her kids probably be Bangladeshi (or stateless) - her husband Bangladeshi, but ofcourse. Who cares anymore - love is most important!

Seriously it'd be neat if they were granted some sort of permenant residency (if not naturalization)- so wouldn't need to be dependent on some 3 year employment visa etc etc.

Now, why you askin this Q? You've fallen for a pretty Emirati, have ya :) ?

localexpat said...

hahahahha no rosh I haven't fallen for an emarti.... ;-)

hemlock said...

maybe ive been reading too much harry potter and gulf news at the same time... but i think there needs to be a line of pure-blooded emiratis... whose blood hasnt been mixed and contamiated with mud-bloods and asian muggles.

nativeinformant said...

Hemlock, that Harry Potter reference is hilarious! Is there such a thing as a pure-blood anything anymore (despite what people claim)? I doubt it.

BTW, does anyone know if and where the laws of citizemship concerning marriage in the UAE are printed? I'd love to read them myself. It seems like everyone knows speculation, but I have never seen the actual law.

noora said...

just for your information, an emirati female no longer loses her citizenship if she marries a foreigner; i actually know a few who are married to non-locals and still keep their citizenship. Another thing..I know local females who are married to other arab non-local nationalities (egyptians, palestinians) and others who are married to pakistanis, and i know a local who is married to a european. So, it is isnt as rare as it use to be.

and if you are furhter wondering about their status..well some left the country...and some are living in the country..eventually people around them accept the facts.

rosh said...
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rosh said...

Here's a Q Nora - what would you refer her offspring's (an Emi who married a foreigner)- a foreigner, a citizen or as they say her in America - an alien?

Respectfully,I think it's ridiculous a woman could have lost her citizenship because she married a noncitizen, but a man does not, nor does a man's offspring's. I think this stands today, in most parts of UAE(not Dubai, perhaps)

However, not sure what it implies -i.e. did she stop loving her nation, because she married outside the community, did she commit a crime & break a law?

Love is blind, most often, one cannot predict whom our hearts fall for. Moreover, just given a minor sect of the local men, can you actually blame a local woman for wanting to marry outside her community? In my opinion, what is most important for a young nation like the UAE, is those who see UAE a home, second to none. Those who can embed into it's customs & culture and respect it, for it is. It's unfair to assume a local woman's offspring's shall not love or feel for the nation any less than offspring's of a local man, married to a foreigner.

Anyhoooo sensitive topic I suppose.

BTW LE - in rhetoric, I think, I see why you've asked this Q :)

BuJ said...

As Nora mentioned, the Emi woman won't lose her papers, but it will be difficult/impossible to make the kids Emirati.

LE.. I didn't think you'd expose your origins so easily :P

at least your kids will look beautiful.. Emi/Bangladeshi should be a nice mix!

localexpat said...


You are way off the mark my friend... my origins are still a secret lol. Only thing I will say is that I am 100% middle eastern :-)