Monday, August 27, 2007

Blood, Sweat and Tears

The human rights watch report on the abuses of labourers rights in Dubai provides an insight into the conditions suffered by hundreds of thousands of people. Where statistics and numbers have failed, aljazeera's documentary has managed to take it one step further by not only providing a visual representation of this injustice but, more importantly, providing a human and personal touch to it.

Part 1

Part 2

I have to say that I was really touched after seeing this.


rosh said...

Yes, quite moving indeed. There are so many helpless people, yet they try and live with dignity. When financial constraints threaten to erode them of their only possession (their dignity), these souls take their life as a last resort.

I would never encourage taking someone's life, but it does make you and I think - what these folks must be going thru to take their own lives?

You have a good soul LE, good bless you mate.

Rashed Abdulla Mohammed said...

Dear Local Expat,
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localexpat said...

Rahsid Abdulla Mohammed,

Sorry but I make a concerted effort at remaining anonymous. Nothing against you but though ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thats good, you should remain anonymous for your own safety. It is better to be careful than being a victim. Nothing against anyone, Mr. Rashed may have good intentions but it is better to remain like this...........

Keep up the good work, I have always left comments with the name not this time, though it does not make any difference but it is better like this now........