Saturday, April 28, 2007

I can't believe this

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of:-

"An Indian man in his early 20s, ripped open his stomach in a suicide bid after his sponsor refused to send him home."

"A case will soon be filed against Kumar for trying to commit suicide, police said."

WHAT THE????? oh well its Sharjah after all.



Anonymous said...

If found guilty then he will be deported and thus successful in his bid to go home!

Actually, isn't suicide a crime in many countries? In the U.S. they used to throw you in locked wards of hospitals....

Risal said...

"oh well, its sharjah after all"

what do you mean by that !

nativeinformant said...

why am I not surprised in the least?

Anonymous said...


ibn battata wa boorthakal said...


lol said...

so then why couldn't you have just posted the link to the news story over at the uae community website???? instead you put a link to ur blog and then on your blog you put a link to the gn news story.... man, your desperate attempt at publicity is pathetic to say the least. as for the story, well i couldn't give two hoots.

rosh said...
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rosh said...

hmmmmm - I think it’s fair, to have the individual arrested AND hopefully offer him some psychiatric help.

Perhaps I am not getting it? Why did he have to take his life - why didn't he just approach the Indian consulate or the ministry? He wished to go home right - this is a bit bizarre?

So you know - SHJ may not be DXB - but it's no KSA - yeah we have a long way to go, but it's not that bad.

secretdubai said...

Suicide was treated as a crime in most western countries until last century.

But certainly it should no longer be treated as such anywhere in the world. This man needs help, and he needs to be sent home.

The sponsor apparently told him he could not send him back as he had already spent a lot of money to bring him here to work.

It may be hard on the sponsor, and it may be fair for the sponsor to sue for financial compensation (in which case I would hope that charitable donations might be forthcoming). After all, what did it really cost the sponsor? An economy class air ticket and a visa fee?

And if they insist on imposing some "punishment", give the man a permanent life ban on entry into the UAE. But what is there to gain by imprisoning him?

What about compassion, mercy and forgiveness? Aren't these qualities universal to all religions and humanitarian schools of thought?

Anonymous said...

aaand so the lesson for everyone to learn should be as follows:
"if you're killing yourself, make sure you succeed from the first time, and so plan for it carefully".

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone !

I believe the fundamental question to be asked is why was this person arrested in the first place?

In Islam (yes this is the Arab and Islamic world as some expats unfortunately tend to forget),your soul doesn't belong to you, it belongs to God.

A suicide attempt is considered as a murder against yourself, this is a crime under UAE / Shariah Law.

I believe that since the expat community is living in an Arabic / Islamic country that the same laws should be applicable to them too. Can you imagine a State that segregates the rules and regulations of the applicable Law depending on if teh person is a Westerner or not ?

But why the great surprise? If someone tried to kill himself by jumping off a buidling in Chicago, he would be arrested and brought to a Judge. Its the same almost everywhere.

Anyway, thats my humble opinion.

Zafar said...

Dear anonymous 1:05 (May 7); you missed the point actually, this was his desperate attempt to get rid of a situation where he did not intend to be in.

Would you like to shed light on the subject that why in an Islamic country where he has been jailed under sharia law he was made to come to such a situation, dont you think his passport should have been with him and he would have have the right to leave the job if he didnt like it. Why he had to beg the sponsor for his passport to leave job, I am sure he would have spent enough time asking for his full salary before he came close to this point.

Dont get me wrong I am muslim also and I do respect and obey my religion but at the same time I also know that before implementing sharia law the government has to fulfill some responsibilities and provide certain rights to the people.

In this case it is the government which is responsible not to take care of the rights of poor fellow and the sponsor should be put into jail and the crime of this sponsor should be recorded as human trafficking and making humans work as slaves.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zafar,

I COMPLETELY AGREE with you, I was just looking at the situation from a different angle.

It is a SHAME how human beings treat one another and a greater SHAME how the Law and Judicial Bodies, in certain circumstances, condone or turm a blind eye to such actions that qualify as slavery.

black feline said...


Im new here...doing my regular blog jogging..interesting stuff u got here...btw...i know u meant the texts in bold but as for me...I CANT BELIEVE HE ACTUALLY DID THAT....

M. Majora said...

ibn battuta:

Suicide isn't punished as a crime in America, but people who attempt suicide are generally pretty sick. :|

@ Anonymous:

No, if you jumped off a building in Chicago and miraculously survived, you'd be in a mental institution. :\

Derwaish said...

What all of us really need to know is when exactly did this guy ask to go back... this piece of information was very conveniently omitted by the newspapers.
Did the person want to go back after the first month itself (or even before the first year. I do know many people who do.)? Or was it after 3-4 years (or even 1 year for that matter)?

If it was before 1 year, why the hell should the sponsor let him go? Did the employee not willing sign the contract? Has the sponsor setup a charity show that people can just simply come for a job and leave without fulfilling the terms of the contract?

If it was after 1 year and the sponsor was depriving the man of his due leave.. then we and the police should go and beat the crap out of that sponsor and get his business banned by the labor department.