Sunday, April 01, 2007

good bye everyone( April Fools)

I have had a great time writing in cyberspace and an even greater time reading your responses.
However, I have to stop writing.

An incident took place recently that involved the authorities and I have offered to end my blog in return for my safety and security. Unfortunately, I cannot elaborate on it any further.

Take care everyone.
(have a look at the comments section)


localexpat said...


* Y || said...

LOL!! you almost had me there! haha. good one!

KJ said...

We will miss you so much :P

rosh said...

damn you guy - u are so freakin smart/wicked : )

you got my goat man! I was feeling sooooooo bad/confused and didn't even bother reading the comments till much later.

ok yalla, am smiling : )

nativeinformant said...

doh! I read your blog through a feed so I don't get to see the comments. I have been debating for an hour about whether to post a comment with my handle on it or not, etc, etc.

you got me good! and I am very relieved...

Restless in Dubai said...

Man.. you are sick.. you had me there for a sec.. and I was like "I better check my blog before they read my comments,,lol"

I am a chicken..

Good to have you here man..


B.D. said...

That was a good one. You had me taken, as I wondered how best to express condolances and alert others to the peril.

A world of Symphony said...

Good one Man, missed so many heart beats from the time I read the post and comment page load.

You're a Whiz!

ArabLady said...

u scared the hell out me
i hate u
dont do it againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

BuJ said...

yeah right.

al-ghamdi said...

I apologize for using your blog. My name is Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Ghamdi. I’m trying to spread this information that I consider useful for women, since Dubai authorities and newspapers have not helped us.
Last year my wife (a Muslim woman from a local family) was harassed by a chiropractor, Dr. Saukkonen. After much thinking at the end she filed a claimed to Dubai police and through our lawyers to other Emirates authorities but they neither took any measure against this man nor answered to us in a right way. This person still practices in Dubai, at a clinic in Jumeirah (British Lasik Center).
We were ignored by Dubai authorities, and considering that certain people are untouchable, we use this means to advice women not to rely on this person.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...