Sunday, December 03, 2006

Homosexuality...its a dare you even talk about it!

Over the past few years, along with the development of the country, another hidden aspect of almost every other society is flourishing in Dubai. It seems to me that each year this subculture gets larger, bolder and more evident. A few years back it was so secretive and concealed that it was virtually non-existent to the average Joe( ‘average Jasim’ would be more relevant to this part of the world).

Homosexuality seems to be a flourishing subculture in Dubai. Their numbers and willingness to be just that extra bit noticeable is on the increase. I have personally met more gays in the past year then I have met in the past two decades combined (though I am yet to meet any lesbians in DXB)!

The most stereotypical gay people in Dubai are Filipinos. I don’t know why they have this reputation but it has reached to such an extent that as soon as you mention a Filipino hair dresser, people immediately made homophobic remarks( I am not saying all, most or a large number of Filipinos are gay so don’t start getting pissed of and save your insults for some else). There are also a number of western homosexuals that are openly expressive of their sexuality through their femineity and sense of style. I guess I have something that is exclusively innate to homosexuals: Gay-dar. Even my gay friends abroad were amazed at how as a heterosexual I have a refined, though not perfected, ability to identify a homosexual. I personally don’t know much about the gay subculture. The little information I do have is as an outside observer. So I would appreciate if you would contribute to this discussion and shed some light on this subculture.

One aspect of homosexuality which amazes and dumbfounds me is the gays/lesbians among the local population.” WHAT they exist??” Come one don’t be so naïve. Unless you just got of the boat or lived a very isolated life in Dubai you’d know what I’m on about. Throughout the years I have asked around and spoken with many of my local friends who have attended public schools here and found out that homosexual activity is rampant in schools. Boys and girls do engage in homosexual activities. These are predominantly physical relationships with hardly any being an emotional relationship as well (much less among girls). In all cases that I have heard it usually has the following form. There are always a group of macho-testosterone-pumped-aggressive-mischievous guys who pray on more femininely incline boys. Females seem to have a more emotional connection and physical interactions are less dominating character of their relationships.

However, homosexual activity and behaviour does not necessarily relate to being a homosexual. Allow me to explain.

From my observations and understandings very few of these relationships are truly of a homosexual nature. This is specially the case with purely physical relationships. It appears to be that pent-up sexual frustrations coupled with a lack of interaction with the opposite sex and an inability to sexually express themselves has forced them to use this avenue to temporarily alleviate their ‘pressure’. There is also the dominating, he-is-my-bitch factor involved. You know what I just realised? This is a social situation that is very similar to prison! A person might not be homosexual in nature but due to pent up sexual frustration he/she needs to release his/her ‘stress’. And due to the dominating nature of some individuals there will eventually be a prison-bitch to satisfy their cravings… Interesting similarities !!

I personally know very little about the homosexual subculture and most of the information I do have does not come from the horse’s mouth (unlike when I was talking about the ethnicity of the local population) rather from other people who have had a greater interaction with the gay subculture.

I would love if any homosexuals out there could shed some light on this issue.

Once again if there are any obvious fallacies in my entry please inform me of it so I may be able to correct them….

( note: i am not homophobic nor am I attempting to condemn or insult homosexuals. I would just like to learn more about this subculture in Dubai.)


Stained said...

to be honest...i've never known a gay person...I do agree with the filipinos thing...the hair dressers & all..i do feel some of them are...the way they dress & offense to anyone

about the school thing...i passed out a few years back...not sure about the school gay arena existence...hmmm
i do agree with the sexual frustration part...that is the real reason....if you are big enuf to bully, get hold of a weaker soul...if you are the weaker soul & frustrated then take it out on yourself....

Anonymous said...

Can an ordinary hetero comment on this?

Seriously.......who cares? I have loads of gay friends here (Arans as well as well as westeners) but I really don't care whether they are gay or not. It is not really my business who they sleep with. as long as they are decent and honest people and I don't beleive it is anybody elses business either. Why is it so haram to be gay? In my religion we beleive that God - and ONLY God - can judge other people, so we leave it up to him! is totally haram here to be gay, but is ok to have 4 wives and visit prostitutes? Sometimes I am having a really hard time to understand your moral here!

localexpat said...

who the hell said i am against homosexuals? I have nothing against them, just trying to talk about a community that is ostracised, abused and ridiculed throughout the ages..

Samawel said...

I was thinking just that the other day.

More and more homosexuals are quite fine with people knowing that they are homosexuals.

Gaydar never worked for me, it constantly got me into trouble--when I did believe in it.

Being an Emirati homosexual myself, I don't really see myself as a member of the gay community (although at some point I did want to participate)... This is my perspective to my homosexuality, but I don't see a reason to stick to a particular subculture and ghettoize myself simply because I'm a homosexual.

To me, it's irrelevant for others to know my sexual orientation, I simply don't mention it. My close friends know for a fact.

You're right, a lot of same-sex relationships here in Dubai seem to be physical, something some people prefer to call as "men having sex with men".

Very little of them (judging by what I've seen) are emotional relationships. I'm in a relationship myself, and a stable one which seems to me as having elements of both.

Let me make this a bit clearer, despite my being a homosexual. I don't really interact much with the gay community here in Dubai. So I don't know much about that side. I do know only of my own experience.

BD said...

if there are any obvious fallacies in my entry please inform me of it so I may be able to correct them…

I think what you are talking about is less a gay community than a gay sub-culture similar to what exists in more liberal societies. I think with globalization (especially due to the Internet and travel) this sub-culture is growing and becoming more visible, even in very traditional cultures like India's.

The trouble some people may have with discussions about this sub-culture is the presumption that it embodies the larger gay population--their attitudes, lifestyle, practices, etc. The truth, however, is that the larger gay population consists of the same spectrum of attitudes, beliefs and practices as the complimentary heterosexual community.

That's my take.

Samawel said...

I think I'd agree with BD's comment. It's more accurate considering it a sub-culture than a community.

nativeinformant said...

yes, localexpat, i agree that there is a significanrt gay population here. I go to clubs quite a lot and have several gay Emirati friends/acquaintances. Of course, most Emiratis will claim that gay Emiratis don't exist, but this brings up the question of how does one tell an Emirati apart from any other nationality? In the case of nightclubs, where there are no dishdashas and abayas, anyone could be Emirati, and anyone could be gay. So how can one claim there is no such thing as a gay Emirati? Interesting how the clothing seems to be the only distinguishing physical feature of our "local" population...

And btw, there are a lot of lesbians in the UAE, just not as easy to find...

Kiwi Boy said...

I haven't been part of the sub-culture in Dubai, as such, because I know only a few other gay people. Though, as I spent quite a lot of time on the Internet, I've come across hordes of men. They basically want sex.
I've chatted with men who are in their mid-twenties and like to have sex [as tops] with bottoms, strictly no more than 15 years old. I've chatted with a fellow from Colombia, living in London who was flying to the Emirates to work in Burger King and wanted to hump me as soon as he landed here. I've chatted with a guy who regularly has sex with his Filipino friend [aha! the stereotype!] and wanted me to join them. I've even chatted with this guy whose father is a very important man in the UAE's government and he [the son] threatened me with deportation for being an Israeli spy if I didn't have sex with him [check for more details]... so you get my point. There's a wide spectrum out there, but most of them only want sex.

As for my opinion, I think the gay community will continue to grow, even if they try to suppress it [though I hope they don't] because it's something people are born with, as you noted. Though, it's getting tougher and tougher to meet a good man who doesn't want only and only sex from you.

Thanks for opening up this discussion and I'm glad that you have such liberal views on this taboo topic... though you could simply refer to us as 'homos' or 'queers' or 'gays' instead of typing out the entire word 'homosexual'. :)

Oh, and I know a couple of lesbians [they're not really a couple though].. one's Emaarati ;)

blogrosh said...

Wow - the sleeping giant awakes with an interesting & bold debate (by UAE terms).

Growing up in the UAE, my first exposure to gays & lesbians was, yes the Filipino hair dressers. I am sorry, am not generalizing, it's just they are out there, and seem very comfortable their lifestyle and how they present themselves.

I know of Arab, but do not know of any Emirati gays or lesbians? Ofcourse living NYC the exposure to the freedoms and the open lifestyles of gay & lesbian communities can be bit of a culture shock at the beginning, but then as you learn to understand where they are coming from, there is reconciliation/accepting process.

My boss at work is openly gay. He talks openly about his partner and his two dogs. He is brilliant at his work, very down to earth, very well spoken and mentally very strong. I have a lot of respect for him.

I know a lesbian couple in New Jersey, and they've been together for 8 years with a daughter. They seem to live a normal life compared to any heterosexual couples I know off.

I don't know how open this debate could be in the UAE. Even if bolder, "pushing the envelope" 7 days puts out an article - lo behold, there could be all sorts of angry party works, however via this post, at least someone’s got people debating on the topic.

Just for the record, I do not think debating this topic, brings "shame" of any sort to the UAE. Homosexuals are people too, and like the rest of us, there are the good & the bad amongst them - they have feelings and live their god given lives and like Anon 3:23 pointed out, what's right and wrong - only the good guy sitting up in the heavens shall judge.

secretdubai said...

Hi Local - it looks like most of the debate ended up here anyway, but just so that people come to your blog and not UAE comm I have disabled comments on your post there. So they will click the link and come here instead.

Anonymous said...

I recall seeing Gulf Arabs in Dubai that were clearly gay or perhaps some individuals with gender identification issues or cross-dressing tendencies. On occasion, I saw men wearing heavy makeup along w/ their dishdasha while their hair was done up in a rather feminine manner (Lebanese bakery opposite Safa park late one night). I think it does happen, but it's all on the sly.

Anonymous said...

i haven't been here long enough to comment on such an issue.
but i think i pretty much agree on it being more a sub-culture.
and i really appreciate your posts and the people who comment.
at least i see a more balanced and calm view rather than just heated arguments. :)

BD said...

Notwithstanding what I commented on earlier I was able to witness a bit of this sub-culture several years ago through a gay-American friend who had a knack for entertaining and tuning into the gay scene. He'd have parties where locals, Westerners, other Arabs and the like interacted in a more communal way than could be seen in other settings in this country. It was perhaps one of the few settings I have seen where all the baloney of them and us was not pervasive.

Locals, Americans, Omanis, Europeans, Asians, etc. all just mingled on the same level. No one seemed to think they were better than anyone else, no one hid defensively behind a cultural identity and the guys seemed genuinely interested in one another solely on the basis of being human beings--male human beings, that is.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

" is totally haram here to be gay, but is ok to have 4 wives and visit prostitutes? Sometimes I am having a really hard time to understand your moral here!"

You aren't understanding the difference between Haram, and hypocrisy.

Hookers are as haram as being gay, but since all the brothels are owned my H.H. someone or another money is more important than religion.

I've said this before, this is a Muslim country by name. and I really doubt anyone in charge here will ever make it to "Paradise."

Note, I don't want an Iran, but I do want consistency. I want everything to be illegal to everyone. and vice versa. you cant have a country where a special bunch do whatever they want. thats how revolutions begin. pissing off the average guy.

Personally, I dont have an issue with any group of people, even gays. One of my best friends in the US is gay, and we still are very much in touch on myspace.

But, every culture has its laws. I would shoot a guy here for being gay in a heartbeat! why? its the law! Islamically (and I know I said this is a farce Islamic country, but lucky for assholes like me, the laws are still Shar'is!) I could kill a guy, who is known to be gay, and not spend a day in jail.

And it would be my RESPONSIBILITY as a good Muslim.

now if I were in the US, nope, why not? different place, different laws.

I know, trust me, you'd be very very surprised as to the kinds of people who are in the so called "men fucking men" category. Very.

but the issue still stands that the average UAE National, if given the chance to vote on this, would want every "gay" person in this country rounded up and thrown in Nazi style gas chambers.

myself included.

my main issue is someone who is "gay" and "Muslim"

Cant happen. you can call yourself Muslim, but you arent. unless you're making up your own sect.

And if you are calling yourself Muslim and aren't, it makes most Muslims want to kill you.

And lets be truthful, Muslims kill for far less.

So if you're gay, good for you. if you're not, good for you. but don't pretend to be gay and Muslim. thats as bad as a woman who doesn't cover her head, or a guy who doesn't pray.

which I know encompasses 70 of the current "Muslims" but you know what, just cause a majority do (or in this case don't do) something, doesn't make it right.

Great post LE. and I'm sad I didn't think of it before you! GRR!

BD said...

^^^Shocking post! It reveals everything that is wrong with people who actually believe they are in tune with God or righteousness. I'll take the so-called hypocrites any day.

blogrosh said...

Blessing - what was all this about? I am aware Arabs are quite emotional, but your post sort of reads like an ignorant hate message from the Nazi's?

We are all humans you know - and for the most part, we are all born, straight or homosexual or handicapped or all dandy & well. I think, you are being totally ignorant with your comments on homosexuals. I mean think about it, why would someone want to be a homosexual if they "have" a choice? Just because people are born a particular way, which could be different from you, does not make them "haramies" or "evil", does it?

God creates us all in different ways and it is his judgement we are evaluated by, not by making our own judgements and punishing innocents as we see fit.

PS: the worst crime you can do to your religion, is use your justification as a means to spread hate on homosexuals, that's just bad sermon my friend.

localexpat said...

Interesting ...
I was expecting more people to post comments like Blessings.

I am not surprised with this. It is probably what 99% of middle-easterners think. In most social discussion I am ALWAYS the only one without homophobic views. But times are changing and I am sure we will see less and less views such as that.

What really surprises me is the blind,dark hatred you bear for your friend. He is gay and according to you, "I would shoot a guy here for being gay in a heartbeat". So if your best friend visits you in Dubai would you shoot him? But the again "Personally, I dont have an issue with any group of people, even gays"...

So you are you contradicting yourself or just being hypocritical? or just plain taking the piss?

One more question. What would you do if your son's first toy was a barbie doll? If he had a lot of female friends? If he had a 'feminine characteristic' throughout his teenage years? If you found gay porn stashed under his bed? But this is also the same son who is willing to donate his kidney to save your life if he has to!
Would you shoot your own flesh and blood as it is your "RESPONSIBILITY as a good Muslim." ?

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Yes. If my brother came to me and said I'm gay, and he ACTED on that, I'd shoot him in a heart beat. Unlike most "religions" and farce "religious" people, I hold my beliefs above ALL else. ALL!

A Nazi message huh, we are all human blah blah blah.

Once again you are throwing YOUR morals, and YOUR understanding of GOD at me in my onw country.

No, In Islam, a Gay person is NOT HUMAN. and their life must be ended. simple.

Dont like it? touch. when in rome, you do as the romans do. here, thats what we are supposed to do, and because of outside influences, instead of shooting them we put them in jail and try to fix them.

because, once again, by our own standards, they are broken.



you'll be back in the hell hole you came from where you dont have to deal with other people's morals.

I dont go to your country bitching about things that arent in my morals.

so who is being an ignorant nazi now (btw, I love the nazis, we almost were ridded of the frikkin jews) by forcing their own morals on someone else when they are in THAT PERSONS HOUSE?

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

"Personally, I dont have an issue with any group of people, even gays"...

So you are you contradicting yourself or just being hypocritical? or just plain taking the piss?

I dont have an issue with gays. I will treat a person as the law of the land that i am in says I must treat them.

In the US, you can be gay, here you cant. so no, I wouldnt shoot my gay friend here because I would make sure he never came here.

Here, MY law is the law of the land. and you guys can blog, chat, and say "the times they are a changing" but they arent. a blog isnt going to change what 1.2 billion people believe.

Just as you have a right to believe what you do, I also have that same right. and in this country, my belief is the official one. deal with it, if you cant, you have no allegiance here, leave. This is meant to anyone. if this issue is so bad here for you, please leave.

Arabized said...


I dont respect your views on this issue, because you are blindy creating hate and racisim. Who are you to judge? Whats this talk of running around killing people because of their beliefs?

You call yourself a muslim, then learn the basic teachings of islam. RESPECT AND PERSERVING LIFE.

You are not allowed to judge anyone, this is for allah subhanallah wa ta3alah. You shouldnt have hate harboring in your hearts. Learn your religion before going off in a crazy rant and forming a mob.

Reform yourself before trying to reform others. The only thing you say or do is 'Allah yahdhoom' wa khalas.

Your comment is a disgrace.

localexpat said...

ouch...thats a bit harsh blessing...

then again you have every right to express your views.

Restless in Dubai said...

Interesting topic LE.

Whether it is right or not, we have to admit and accept that gay people exist. And as everywhere they do exist in Dubai as well. One thing I have noticed is that people spot ‘gay’ guys and judge them by the dress code or the “appearance” let’s say, which is relevant. I also noticed the “Filipino-gay” phenomenon.

Personally I have a gay friend, and his so open about his sexuality and we do not have any problem maintaining our friendship. He is a straight looking and acting guy, he does not believe in all this feminine crap, which is something I respect about him. As for every cultures differences Dubai has to cope up with, this is a price Dubains must pay, which is learning to accept others. Unfortunately, this is not even close to be happening.

Blessings; You can’t be more wrong. I respect your views about not furnishing other laws over your land’s laws, but let me say something. Give me ONE simple Quranic verse, or Hadith which states that Gay people should be shot for being gay? And as far as I can remember there were homosexuals living among Muslims societies from the very dawn of Islam, even they have their own Sharia rules. Apart from being so thrilled with the killing desire inside of you, which is better, killing one gay Muslim who does everything to be Muslims, or reforming him? Don’t you think if it is a psychological disorder just like any other psychological disorder which may lead someone to commit murders or crimes, do not you think it is better to talk to those people, try to show them what’s right and what’s wrong? Or you say, “kill him, give me the next”.

Muslims –and others should start THINKING before they start preaching and giving death sentences which would save a lot of innocent lives.

Blessing's a homo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
localexpat said...

Blessing's a homo said...

Hey Blessings...earlier on, someone was going on about having a good gaydar...but mine is the best... and I'd say(with others agreeing for sure) that you're the biggest closet case of them all. I'm gay...a lesbian,in fact....Arab...Muslim....tried being straight...didn't work out. but this isn't about me... it's about you. ****************************************************************************************************

it's cuz of people like you that the rest of the world stereotypes us(Arabs...specifically Muslims) as ignorant, chauvanistic terrorists. It's a shame....really.

Good luck with that mentality you've got....good luck surviving in today's world. I really do mean it.
I have nothing more to say.

as i said b4 no personal insults please.

You want to speak your mind, BE MY GUEST. But be mature about it!

blogrosh said...

H-o-l-y! I think Blessing has been "Talibanized" or is on Dr Jackal & Mr Hyde mode : )

Jokes aside, I am not sure what comment ticked you off? However if there is something which offended, you I am sincerely sorry.

However, I am at unease reading your comments. My sincere advice to you, please don't get all crazy with radical views on taking innocent lives, because you are taking away the credibility you've built via your blogs. I was most touched by your post on my (only) blog, and I have read most of your blogs - and you've come across someone rational & level headed.

Primarily, nobody is telling anybody (including you) to change ANY laws or cultures in the UAE when it comes to hetros or gays. People shall live their lives where they see fit. If someone's lifestyle does not fit in the UAE - they move on to a place where they can "fit in". I do not need a "sponsor" to express my views anywhere in the world, including the UAE. I am not defaming the UAE or it's cultures in anyway, I would never do that. This debate is only about the homosexual community who live amongst us in the UAE, nothing more, so why you getting all worked up is beyond me?

PS: I didn't see anyone shoot Elton John when he performed in the UAE, he was paid millions and treated like royalty.

blogrosh said...

Blessing - everyone's got ONE life. Live it the way you are most happy at heart without doing harm to another soul. After it's over - it's OVER. There's no going back or reliving it.

Again, it is upto the one who created us all to judge or punish. You and I are not above that creator.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Give me ONE simple Quranic verse, or Hadith which states that Gay people should be shot for being gay?

There isnt. the verse states that those who act out the crime of the people of Lute (the story is that of homosexuality) must be THROWN off the highest peak around.

Today that is usually accepted as the highest building.

That IS in the Qur'an. and you forget that Islam is a combo of Qur'an, Sunna, and Jurisprudence, all 3 condemn Homosexuality and demand the death penalty.

Talibanized? hardly, I just had my chemo and I'm on Zoloft. so I might be a bit edgy, which is why, and localexpat will tell you, he's posted more stuff on my own blog than I have in a while. I'd be harsh on this subject even without those things, but just letting you all know, I've been going 0 to asshole in 2.1 second for the last 6 days.

Still, those are my feeling based on my beliefs that are the laws of this land. I believe in the law, no matter where I am, i try to abide my that lands laws.

All I can say to someone who is gay in the UAE, is dont get caught. because unlike most people on here who are telling you you only live once and God is the judge... in Islam, some of God's judgments have already been determined, and a judge in Islamic law is able to pass judgement.

So before you tell me that Islam is about RESPECT. yes, it is. and if you are GAY and NOT muslim, I will respect you. but if you are claiming to be MUSLIM, a label that DOES NOT IN ANY WAY ALLOW GAYS then no, I'll do everything in my power to get your ass in a court room. Again, When you are Muslim, you agree to abide by many thing, not being gay is one of them. so maybe you should learn your religion before spewing yourself at me.
ouch...thats a bit harsh blessing...

then again you have every right to express your views.

This is why I like you. no matter what I argue for or against, you are always the best statesman. Thank you!

blogrosh said...

"Talibanized? hardly, I just had my chemo and I'm on Zoloft"

Sincere apologies, Blessing. I used the dreaded T word in humour, please do not take it personally. Your views on your latest post - it differs substantially from my own views on the subject, however I do respect 'em.

I pray you get well soon and recover completely.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

blogrosh - No hard feeling at all. I had a feeling you were kidding. no need to apologize for stating your own opinions.

Anonymous said...

I resisted to post any comments about this topic as I am in an extremely sensitive position due to my career.

First of all, blessing got carried away with his/her emotions, but I can see what point he/she is trying to make. Being gay is a Sin in Islam and in Judism. So basically for us there are no ifs ands or buts. I can't recall the full Hadeeth, but it doesn't say kill, but it says send them to another land that is far away (thats all I know). Now I think, like all sins only Allah determines who is to be punished and who won't. There are basic principals in Islam that we need to follow, but there are exceptions to all those rules. Remember the story of that lady who prayed all her five prayers and did all the right thing, but she never fed her cat and was not promised a place in Janna? Not a big deal as prostitutes or other big sins, but it got her in hell.
So I would defer that judgment to Allah.
Psychologically. in the DSM IV manual for psychiatric diagnosis, homosexuality is no longer a psychiatric problem, it was removed from the previous version in the 70s. Some debate and say that was done due to political reasons at that time, others say its due to the lack of evidence. Hormonal finding and brain imagine were not consistent and at times those findings lead to the debate of the chicken and the egg (did behaviour made that change, or the change produces that behaviour)

I have noticed specially the past few year a clear presence of the homosexual population, more so after the ghantoot incident, I wonder if the publicity resulted from that had some influence on the government to loosen up. In Mercato, I saw four transexuals from the Philipines sitting in the coffee shop, few years back they would not dare, so I'm guessing they know they would not be in trouble.

Anyways. It is a touchy subject, even here where I am studying in Toronto, where there is a big gay population. They have a big gay parade here every year, and they are proud about it, but i tell my gay friends, so long as there is parade, its still an issue.

Restless in Dubai said...

Blessings: I am really sorry for the chemo thing, I wish you a fast and full recovery.

What you are suggesting is: If you are Muslim and you wannna be Gay, drop Islam. Of course that would be a sin that makes anyone infidel, well, let’s go back to the beginning, what makes one a Muslim? The “Religion” field in your Visa Application? Being born a Muslim.? Raised as a Muslim.?

So for some reason, one finds him/herself Gay, and Muslim, what do you suggest he/she to do? Drop Islam and convert to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism,? Wont that be a sin?

On the other hand, I once read and this is something I deeply believe in, I read that God (Allah) considers a life of a Muslims more worthy that the whole universe. I do not think that we are allowed to take lives away. And regarding the punishment you suggested, I guess and correct me of I am wrong, it only applies when someone was ‘caught’ in act with the witness of four people, just like adultery. So why do straight men get 100 lashes if they were single and engaged in adulatory while gay men should be shot in the head, even if they were single?

One more thing, will God punish a Gay Muslim as he would punish a non-Muslim Gay? I mean if a Muslim, prays and fasts, pays Zaka, never lies, does every good by any mean and is gay, will he get the same treatment as a non Muslim gay? I think not.

Restless in Dubai said...

One more thing, Muslims claim that Islam is a religion for ‘all’ and ‘everyone’. So why exclude homosexuals? And include thieves, murderers, child molesters, mentally retards, rapists, etc…

The only sin which is worth killing for is taking somebody else’s life, and I am sure that before any Muslim judge would make that verdict to be 100% sure that the murderer is 100% guilty, why to kill a guy only because he had feelings for other guy?

Anonymous said...

Restless your questions are far more complicated for me to answer. But lets not mix personal opinion with religious facts.
Blessing: hope you feel better, who doesn't know chemo sucks. Take it easy.

blogrosh said...

The human mind is complex, and I do not know (or rather believe) any religion holds perfect answers for actions from a human mind.

People have evolved over the centuries and I can't for the life of me understand how can somone be called a "Sin" if they are BORN homosexual or say, with both reproductive organs?

I do not believe, people become homosexuals after being hetro's - I mean why would anyone intentionally want to do that?

Moreover, hetro or homo - we are all created by the same heavenly creator - so for those stating, being homosexual is a sin, are you stating God may have created "damaged" goods/souls, if someone is born a homosexual? If so, are we then stating, God makes mistakes too?

A Yahya said...
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A Yahya said...

As an arab I am not entirely tolerant of homosexuals... but unlike 99.9% of my friends i am not all condemning either, and would even play the role of advocate for any if necessary. After all they are human.

I dont know about Homosexuality being a 'flourishing sub culture' in the UAE either, but a little online research definately indicates there is community here.

As for the rate of same sex activity that occurs amongst straight Locals, again I dont know. I personally dont know of any Emiraties who has done this as an outlet, but the circles that I travel in are moderately religious and are repulsed by the idea of touching another man.

My collegue Jassim on his own blog wrote about this subject and his opinion about men who experiment with other men, for whatever reason is pretty much how most of my friends view the subject...and that it is disgusting:

A Yahya said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A Yahya said...

lol. just search through his blog
instead from earlier this year :-p

Anonymous said...

To Local expat... I really like your blog.

To blessing..I think you are not aware that there are a lot of emiratis who are homosexuals. I have seen a lot of them here in Al Ain. As a matter of fact, I always happen to notice them everytime that I'm working. I have seen a man dressed up in abaya. I have seen a counterpart of what the Filipinos called "bakla" here in Al Ain. Even if they are like that, I never judge them. They have their own free will to decide for themselves.
I believe that everybody has his/her right to express her opinion and judgement. Even if you may sound racist , I still respect your views regarding this matter.

chache said...

In response to Blessing, I am new here, just came across this site by chance, but thank you for putting it like it is, although shooting someone is extreme (I don't think u mean it literally)but I get your point and share ur frustration. I am an American for all intense purposes (non Arabic). I was married to a local and now proudly have UAE citizenship.I became Muslim b4 marriage (Alhumdullilah)and so I have a unique view point on all of this. U r absolutely right, a Muslim/homosexual goes against every principal in Islam as well as the other major religions. For those of u who say its not a choice then let me ask u, why then in all major religions did Allah (God) punish and forbid it? It is most likely a medical condition which can be treated either by medication or surgery, but many people do it by choice. He is my take on it. We are all born with personal wars (trials) that Allah places on us, be it drugs, alcohol, suicidal tendencies, rage, promiscuity, or whatever, Allah gave us the mind to CHOOSE our path and homosexuality is no different when it comes to avoiding a vice. We make the choice to either participate or avoid and follow the laws that Allah made for us. Unlike other religions we do not update our religion to accommodate a new fad or because we are in a new century.
Further more it is stated that every time a homosexual engages in a sexual act the thrown of Allah shakes, pretty powerful and a serious issue for Muslims who care. I am not claiming to be a religious fanatic, I am not, I live in the middle, balanced, but I do adhere to the major laws of Allah and do not compromise. As to the ignorant comment that Muslims are going to hookers and having 4 wives, hookers are haram as well, as for the 4 wives, go to to a show called Mejlis Dubai and there is a show on this issue as well as other interesting topics. Blessing, Insha'Allah yarub Allah will heal u from this illness and I will make Du'a for u, if u ever need anyone to talk to let me know and I will give u my contact number.

i*maginate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
i*maginate said...

For once, I agree with what arabized has to say.

You're a 7Days "letter to the editor" writer in disguise, and from your blog, you clearly have no love for, and therefore, no place in this country.

Anonymous said...

Hi... I've just recently got into the whol blog thing, so i was interested in your blog and specifically that topic. (am not sure if its still active though but I'll still have my opinion)..

As an Arab Muslim one thing that I hate is to go around correcting people views about my religion.. religion through out history has been influenced by so many factors and cultures that nowadays its hard to distinguish between a culture view and religious views... and Islam has struggled with this

Many of what we see, hear today in my belief is culture blended Islam. When you learn about the history of Islam you'll know that after the prophet (PBUH) died there was a struggle in whoz to rule and so on .. which unfortunately divided the muslims into sectors and brought back the male dominating views which Islam came to condemn...

I know it was a long intro to the subject ...but I'll add just a little more ..I promise :)

I believe that nothing that is Haram or Halal was there for no reason...even if it something that we fail to understand or accept.. but everything is there for our benefit and if we think about everything we do or asked to do its amazing how closer you'll feel to Allah...Unfortunately, today, they are trying to convince fellow muslims that Thinking is haram ( I don't know why we have brains then, and on what basis will we be punished!?!)

Any ways this brings me back to the subject: In my opinion, homosexuality is not a crime and I don't beleive that god will punish someone for it.... However, I do believe that ACTING and living it is condemned in Islam for many reasons such as health and others..

I also believe that NO ONE is perfect. We all sin in one way or another and I beleive that God is forgiving and mercifull ( two of his names) and who, how and on what basis to punish is something that no one will know but Allah ...

We heared the story of the women who wasn't the best muslim acting women and people hated her in her community, but she helped a cat that was being stoned by kids and the Prophet (PBUH) said that shes from the people going to heaven...

My point is everyone sins, and we should look at our selves before running to kill others ( which i beleive is the worst crime that will be punished for yoom ilqeyama) ... We can advice, or attract others to what we believe in, but not force....

Also everything in Islam can be forgiven ...Except losing faith in Allah OR calling others to be Kufar (as I've noticed in a prev. comment) ...

Sorry for taking too long... but for once lets try to bring back this Religion to its True meaning that people are trying to destroy with their own ignorance!

BECK said...

I'm gay.
And I say fuck off.

Anonymous said...

" Yes. If my brother came to me and said I'm gay, and he ACTED on that, I'd shoot him in a heart beat. Unlike most "religions" and farce "religious" people, I hold my beliefs above ALL else. ALL "

I understand your comments. Since you are a kid you have been trained and conditioned to think that your beliefs are above all. Do you think everybody else on earth is stupid then ?

Hopefully most of human beings on hearth have some common sense above their beliefs.

In London I had a conversation with a muslim gay prostitute and he still tried to defend his religion for three hours even though it was completely nonsense. You and him are both victim of a brainwash since you are kid, this is the real truth.

Anonymous said...

it's a pity that this discussion got bogged down by blessing's rants. i'd still be curious to hear from people living in the UAE/Dubai who are dealing with being gay there.

Anonymous said...

i'm a local lesbian and let me tell you one thing..i'm TIRED of the whole "segregation/sexual frustration is the reason for the homosexual activity" theory!

why is everyone trying to come up with theories of how gays come to being? i'm a smart, pretty, well educated girl, i went to a mixed school and had plenty of exposure to guys, i had a happy childhood and no history of how come i like girls?? homosexuality has long passed the point of debate in western countries..why are we still discussing it? Besides nowadays sleeping with someone of the opposite sex is so common and so easy even in public schools. Who doesn't own a laptop & a cellphone!.. Girls are geniuses when it comes to devising ways to go out with guys..
if i wanted to be with a man i can do so. i simply don't want to..

now regarding the original topic which is the existance of a gay subculture in the uae? YES there is a local gay scene..(despite the recent campaign to eradicate us)

Islam and homosexuality don't exactly go hand in hand..that is something i'm still struggling with..the best that any muslim can do is pray, be good and hope for the best..i'm not going to become an atheist just because my religion thinks i'm a sin..
There is a Hadith that says that even a muslim with only a molecule of faith in their heart and a mountain of sins will go to heaven (eventually after getting their share of burning in hell!)
the point is.. I won't give up on God..i will believe in his mercy..but i won't deny what i am.(it's worth mentioning that the punishment specified in the Quran is specifically for emotionless multiple sexual activities that happened between men and young's not about gay people leading respectable lives..AND there is not ONE explicit text in the Quran or the Hadith that says anything about if we're stricly going by the book, does it mean i'm off the hook?? i think not)

i'm not here to say whether it's right or wrong..but it is intolerable to hear people saying that i -a good citizen- should be killed for something i may not even be acting on..
Enough judging..i'm sure you have better things to do with your time..

Anonymous said...

I am filipino and i am gay... probably because in the philippines... we are expressive as well as we are accepted in our society. Yes, i am gay and i am filipino... proud to be both!

Anyway, I know someone who is local... who would often ask me to find a filipino boy for him... strange... right? That in this part of the world, both co-exist, both inhibit this place.

i have known many gays since i arrive here in dubai, local, pakistani, indian, european and even saudis... can you imagine!

The problem is... it is not 'allowed' here to be gay. So most gay people are so discreet with thier feelings, like me!

Come on... i dont want to be end up in jail!

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