Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Any one of us could have told you all that.

Hey Human Rights Watch! I could have saved you alllll that trouble of interviewing 70 odd people, talking to ministers, spending days walking the streets of dubai, countless hours of typing up the report etc. etc. You should have come to me ( or any other long term resident for that case) and I would have saved you ALLL THAT TROUBLE(800kb). :-)

Although I was already very familiar with the contents of the report, It is a MUST READ! Especially for all of you who think Dubai is all about glamour and glitz!!

The most interesting thing they have managed to do is to conceal the plight,misery and anguish of around 20% of the labour force! You can live here for years and not even notice construction workers ( let alone get a glimpse of their miserable lives).


blogrosh said...

"You can live here for years and not even notice construction workers ( let alone get a glimpse of their miserable lives)."

This is very true LE, I honestly did not know much about it whilst living in the UAE. I mean during my days, we had spineless GN and KT.

I am just upset reading this report. I do not blame the UAE or it's government for it, but the hundreds of criminal & unscrupulous firms that treat this men with such inhumanity.

localexpat said...

Well I do blame the government.
Most of the laws, rules and regulations exist but are not being enforced! If you bring people into the country its your responsibility to:-
1) Make sure at least their basic human rights are respected
2) Allow them to stand up for their rights

If these were locals being treat this way, how do you think the government would act? So why treat them different? After all, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING has is entitled to BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS!

clayfuture said...

I don't think the human rights issue will ever be resolved. The government just makes statements but there's no action. People still make their way into UAE in thousands as it's THE PLACE TO BE. They work for the lowest wages just to stay in this country. If countless number of people are ready to work for wages between AED 500-800 a month, do you think the government or private companies need to do something about it?

nzm said...

And then you get people writing stuff like this saying that it's all the fault of the press, a cultural lack of understanding, and refusing to accept that anything bad is happening.


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