Sunday, February 08, 2009


2008 has been an absolute roller coaster ride.

One of the toughest, most demanding and challenging year in my life.

Its great to revel in the calm after the storm.

2009 is going to be great. I truly deserve a break.....


rosh said...

Happy to hear things are better and a positive forecast. Once in a while, everyone deserves a break!

Best for '09

Lindsey said...

Hi Local Expat.

I have been reading your blog as part of an assignment for an anthropology class that I am taking at the University of VT in the U.S. I'm leaving a comment on this post because it is the most recent but it is really about your writings overall. You talk a lot about the changes that the UAE has gone through but they seem to be more acute since you studied abroad. Do you think that the changes have been more drastic since you returned or do you think you gained new perspective by studying in the west and this has led you to a new view of your country. Thanks.

LocalExpat said...


Glad to see that you find my blog interesting enough to use it for academic purposes :)

To answer you question...Firstly, it is not legally my country, as you have mistakenly mentioned in your question. Although I do consider it to be my home and lived my entire life here, legal I am a citizen of the country mention on my passport ( which is not the UAE).

On one hand the rate of development has grown exponentially since I came back a few years ago and to a certain extent this is one of the reasons I write so much about the changes to the country. But more importantly, I think it has to do with having lived in a developed, democratic and tolerant western country for an extended period of time. It has allowed me to experience first hand how different societies function and, thereby, truly understand the extent of the weaknesses, flaws and shortcomings of the UAE.

Its like living in a bubble. You really don't realise what you missing out on until you step out of that bubble.

Hope that helps, and if you got any other questions you can always email me ...

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