Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anonymous Poetry

A few lines left as an anonymous comment to this post

A little poetry ?

“Where are you from?”

I come from a place so hypocritical but mine
A place where life was built on a desert of ghosts
Where I used to run free on a clean clear beach
And go camping in lonely mountains under the stars

My childhood memories no longer exist
They are but a dream to a place I cannot claim as mine
This little city, so small which I could hold in my baby hand
Has been snatched away from me in a sweep of pathetic modernization

“But this is my home!” my ears burn and my voice yells
So why is it fair to look at me like an ignorant tourist?
A westerner so easily fooled to believe this place is first world!
Money is your only right here and that is all

I have been disowned by a home which was never mine
An international airport for business matters only
In the past, everywhere I would look, peaceful, quiet spaces
Now all I see are buildings, injustice and superficial faces

Thanks Anonymous January 20,2008 10:51Am


rosh said...

WOW, that's quite real and from the heart. It's an honest & soulful poem - I "feel" the words .

Quite glad (and at peace) to know of souls out there with such sentiments and love for their nation of birth. I am sure you share similar sentiments Mr LE - well, so do I.

Am happy, thank you for the poem :)

Anonymous said...

I am just waiting for the first "if you dont like it, just leave" comment to appear.........

Lirun said...

i think its time you wrote another post.. :)

Rajiv Prasad said...
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Rajiv Prasad said...


I am Rajiv, an Indian from the city of Mumbai, working as Senior IT Manager in Dubai Internet City. You think so much like me. You may not believe me that in one day I went through all your posts. I never thought that I would one day find a person in a foreign land, who would so accurately, beautifully and marvelously resonate with my thoughts, attitude and feelings. I am so glad to have come across your blog. I wish I could meet u in person and discuss these things to relieve my angst, frustation, happiness lest I succumb (for the worse) to this current phase of ambivalent feelings I am going through. I am really glad that I came across this blog. Bravo man for your audacity, simplicity and pragmatic way of thinking!

ksa-queen said...

hey .. was passin by .. i shud say that ur realli good ... it seems like its all from the heart .. its realli meaningful .. :)

localexpat said...

Rajiv, ksa-queen I am glad that you guys like my blog:-)

Rajiv, I intend to remain completly anonymous and so meeting readers is definitely out of the quesion.

Melanie Nelson said...

My heart hurts for you as I read this poem.

The UAE is still young and evolving - and will hopefully someday embrace the dear people like you by granting them citizenship.

Anonymous said...

we are not brave
because we cannot stand ourselves
have the least cohesive
social structure
we would quiver
if we met each other

we think we are not supposed to carry on
and maybe we are not
what good are the genes of a man
who cannot speak to his attraction
and what good are the genes of a man
who walks out into a hail of bullets
not much
that's why they both die alone

i am a coward
but sometimes I take drastic action
everytime I have done this
it backfires on me
but sometimes I think it backfires
because the causes of it were there
in the first place
and were only exacerbated
by my prolonging
of silence
and when your voice is sounded
it is all too late

it seems we cowards are the ones who
have failed to master even one
of the two dichotomous relationships
eros and destruction
and we cannot love
and we cannot fight
and that's why we are
because we are not
fulfill something, even if it is nothing

for cowards like I us I think Nothing is best
we have obviously failed at Everything
This is similar to the 'videogame'
but life is not a videogame
life is only a mindless set of tasks
because society is so difficult to transcend
what we should understand
is that reality is there for us to understand
but always moves at a pace where we cannot
keep up with it
and that is back and forth and in-between

and so let it flow through you
let it all go and go and go
and don't ever think you have mastered anything
until you have learnt even one absolute truth
about the most minute of things
then you can move on
but apart from that
master the art of in and out
Everything should be transient and consistent
and when they occur
you have mastered the great Nothing
that we cannot ever truly
but cannot ever
exist outside

Anonymous said...

Love can be a tricky emotion.
It could make all of us
Do things that we never imagined. When this feeling overwhelms you, There's no escaping it.
When you stand next to them,
Your breath suddenly disappears. When you think about them,
Their image makes you smile uncontrollably.
Nobody but that person,
Could make you feel this way.
Love is a tricky emotion.
And we've already been caught in its trap,
At least once...

Anonymous said...

does love exists? does it really. i understand many people said they felt it but do they really. what if is just an illusion? if so what is love? why do many people wait for it? is love truly something to wait for?

Anonymous said...

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