Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've been tagged!

So there I am one fine sunny day, minding my own business and casually checking my blog WHEN evil rosh decides to TAG me! Now the thing is I actually didn't know what it meant until I had a look around the net. I guess I have to state my '8 simple pleasures' , so here I go:-

1) Driving off into the desert and watching some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

2) Sitting at one of three cafes that actually serve great espressos in Dubai with a cigarette in one hand and typing away a new blog entry on my laptop with the other.

3) Walking through the old souk at Al Ras-Deira. It is the only place in Dubai that hasn't been completely transformed since my childhood.

4) Reading four different news websites every morning( BBC, Al Jazeera, GulfNews, 7 Days)
as well as the plethora of blogs that I read on daily basis. It is my equivalent to having a cup of coffee in the morning.

5) Chocolate!!!!!!! I am a self confessed chocoholic. Dubai actually has an acute shortage of places that sell exceptionally good chocolates and pastries. My favourite has to be French Bakery near defence roundabout. Amazing cakes, chocolates and icecream YUM!!

6) Dancing. People paint or sing to relax, I love dancing. I used to dance a lot more before I started working. But with the right music you can leave me all alone in the corner of a dance floor in my own 'dance bubble'. But nothing beats dancing with a girl whom you can grace the dance floor together in perfect harmony.

7) Meeting new people from different backgrounds is a necessity for me. If I am stuck with the same group of monotonous, routine, narrow-minded individuals for a significant period of time I will go insane! :-) I guess every time I do meet someone from a different culture, not only do I find it adventurous and exciting to meet someone who doesn't think like me but, more importantly, I find it extremely educational.

8) JABAL AL NOOR! they have the best juices, the funniest names for those juices and some amazing sandwiches. Amazing food for dirt cheap prices. The countless number of times we have been broke and the only thing we could afford was cafeteria food. You can never go wrong with Jabal Al Noor ( tranlated into English : Mountain of Light ahahha)


i*maginate said...

Gosh man, it's "10" pleasures, you gotta post the pic, and you gotta tag 3 other bloggers...

I don't blame ya, I also searched on the net for ages trying to understand what tag meant.

Different people start tags and usually there are some rules.

Oh, and you oughta link the blogger who tagged ya.

Just some "tagging" advice from a rules disliker!

Interesting pleasures...

OH, the word verification is tvpan

I dunno who makes this word verification stuff up!

localexpat said...

hahahahahahah man i seem like such a novice at this. Well actually I am lol. Thanks for clearing it up for me

localexpat said...

I'm too lazy to tag three other bloggers lol

rosh said...

aha! so there we have it from Mr LE, people :) Sorry didn't guide you thru the rules my man, but see you've done quite well.

-so you into Ciggies eh?
-it's true, Ras-Deira hasn't changed at all, I didn't realize that....
-chocoholic & a super dancer, now that is a blissful combo :)
-multi culturalism, love it, makes me feel "normal" :)
-JAN, what can I say, you've said it all. I like a fruit cocktail, it's called "Al Kuwaity" :)

i*maginate said...

OK, my turn to take an interest in what you've said:

1)Did you take any photos? Would be interesting to see some. Love photos of anything to do with the desert.

2)LOL. You blog in public? Ahem. If I only knew how to connect in "public", I'd be typing! I'd nearly always mention how all those dudes would be staring at my *laptop*! ;)

3)Umm...never been there...!

4)So I take it you love my blog as much as I love yours? And what kind of coffee do you drink while reading mine? I'll give you my answer if you give me yours ;)

5)Chocolate. Women love it, and men do too. Only difference is that men don't gain weight eating the chocos. Otherwise women would love it more. Non?

6)I don't know you, but share the same sentiments about dancing. I can dance the night away, but my personal thoughts on this is that "everyone watches". But hey, I'm a woman and you're a man. I don't dance as a form of relaxation. I do it as a form of "self-expression", like painting. Only difference is you can paint in privacy.

7) Education, education. You're in the field of education ;)

8) JAN - "dirt cheap prices" = y3ni dirt cheap nutrition?
You know what, localexpat? I know what I pay for. And those highly sugary cocktails make me all sugary. Don't know how much sugar they put in those things, and why! So that people come rolling back! That is pure junk food but it's branded as JAN, but may it live a long life ;)

Peace out, localexpat

moviemania said...

Mmmmm cafeteria food.. One of the greatest things about this place haha :D :P

rosh said...

"JAN - "dirt cheap prices" = y3ni dirt cheap nutrition?"

Awww who cares - live a little, sin a little more, splurge on an Al Kuwaity lol :)

Yeah moviemania - cafeteria food, yummmmmmmmmm yum! I think about it, each time I reach for the local chinese take out menu :(

i*maginate said...

"y3ni dirt cheap nutrition"

y3ni the more fat, the more tasty, no one's denying that!

Anonymous said...

Hallo ALE,
seems nice that you have been "tagged". But please tell me what does it mean. I have started bloging a month ago and there are still more questions rather than complete knowledge. An answer would be fine. ciau ciau

localexpat said...

hey euroarab,

I am pretty much as clueless about it as you are. And all that I do know about it is already written on this page. :-)

rosh said...

EuroArab - should you be tagged by a fellow blogger, the rules for 10 simple pleasures are (as far as I know):

- list your 10 simple pleasures,
- You have to use the picture in the blogger's post (the one who tagged you)
- You have to list exactly 10 (simple pleasure) points
- You have to "tag" another 3 bloggers when you are done listing your 10 simple pleasures.

i*maginate said...

rosh/le, it's ok, you're both male: you don't understand rules. Doesn't matter, you'd never need to listen to females who remind you of the rules, you lazy lumps! ;)

umm...euroarab, you haven't been tagged yet, so what are your issues, Mr.?

rosh said...

Wallah update - BLEASE :)

Ezine Articles said...

y3ni the more fat, the more tasty, no one's denying that!

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