Wednesday, February 21, 2007

HEY!! where the hell have you been?

I have to apologise to all of you if I haven't posted anything new for the past two months. what's my excuse? Basically, I have started working in a job which pretty much takes up most of my time.
I am hoping to write up some more controversial entries in the coming days


Zafar said...

Definitely you are not answerable to anyone.

My comments did not in anyway say, "Where the hell have you been."

Anyways Congratulations for starting a job. Looking forward to more interesting topics from you.

localexpat said...


sorry if i snapped at you. its just that when you first read your comment it did sound a bit as you said it..

rosh said...

No worries mate, I fully understand demands of a new job : )

Zafar said...

After I posted the comments I thought you may be offended for "LONG GAP AND WITHOUT ANYTHING NEW".

Dont you think that was more offensive.

Zafar said...

Though I did not mean to do so in that comment either. I was just looking for some interesting or as you say controvertial piece.

nzm said...

A new look to the blog too!

Must say that I was missing your pithy posts - please come back soon!